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Where Energy Meets Prosperity: NMH Business Suite



I AM an Entrepreneurial Guide

As a seasoned business suite owner, I proudly wear the hat of an entrepreneurial guide.

I help aspiring business owners take their ideas and shape them into actionable plans. Whether it's conceptualizing the initial vision or strategizing the long-term growth, I'm the compass that points them in the right direction.



I AM a Structure Architect 

I specialize in building strong foundations for businesses. From choosing the right legal structure to defining a clear organizational framework, I'm the architect who ensures businesses are set up for success. I'm well-versed in the intricacies of various business models and help clients choose the one that suits them best.



I AM a Systemization Expert 

Creating a well-oiled machine is crucial for any business. I excel in systemizing operations, ensuring that processes are efficient and scalable. My expertise lies in setting up workflows, optimizing supply chains, and integrating technology to streamline day-to-day tasks, making businesses more productive.



I AM a Lifelong Support Partner

My commitment to clients doesn't end with business setup. I'm in it for the long haul. I offer continued support, acting as a partner in their entrepreneurial journey. Whether it's troubleshooting challenges, adapting to market changes, or exploring expansion opportunities, I'm there to provide guidance and support at every step.

Norma Merla 

Chief Creator Officer

Professional Pranic Healer

I am a Professional Pranic Healer and a Seasoned Business Owner with a calling to help energy healers and aspiring entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life.

My passion is to create innovative solutions, Design tailored strategies, Manifest your business vision, and Empower you every step of the way

With a diverse educational background, my areas of expertise are Business Management, Marketing, and Accounting. I draw creativity from my love and study of music (singing) and dance (professional dance instructor).  

Through spiritual coaching, I provide a balanced approach to business and personal life with an emphasis on spiritual growth by bringing awareness to the many levels of freedom that can be experienced through meditation, teachings, and practices of pranic healing.

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